WATCH: Artist inspirations with Diane Erasmus

Impressionist painter Diane Erasmus finds inspiration in the beauty that surrounds her. Her oil on canvas paintings celebrate light, reflection and colour, inspired by her morning meditation walks and personal connections with nature.  Trayci Tompkins recently spent time with her in her Ramsgate home and studio on the KZN South Coast … bringing back a visual picture for us all to enjoy of the journey Di takes in creating her identifiable works of art.

“Diane has recently revamped her inspiring large painting studio attached to her home.. It’s a space that’s filled with light spilling through large glass doors leading off from her tropical tall-tree garden. I somehow feel a fresh energy and tangible vitality in Diane’s paintings since this move back here.  Her work has matured too…. into large (slightly abstract) contemporary pieces, grown from her previous representational style of painting landscapes. These new pieces seek to capturing the mood and deeper essence of the painting.. and they surround you with a feeling of joyfulness.

 “I want the viewer to feel almost enveloped by the artwork” states Di, whose love for flowers, reflections, clouds and colour are all incorporated into her paintings.  Completely smitten by her latest contemporary piece still wet on the easel, I know she is managing to achieve this, with bursts of colour, reflections of light and bold palette knife strokes… These paintings are becoming completely irresistible.

“I love my time spent with her and partner Anton Benson – also one of South Africa’s celebrated artists. Together we laugh belly laughs and indulge in Di’s wholesome home-cooked meals.  (She should own a vegetarian restaurant)..  I always come away from these visits knowing the world is a far better place for having creative souls walking gently in it.

“My time with her teaches me to appreciate why she chooses to paint what she does and how comprehensively linked she is to nature that surrounds her. Her paintings are her diary, her head space… and innocently beautiful in every way…  We feel privileged to represent her work here at ZULU LULU and hope that my film clip gives insight into this gorgeous South African creative.”

A collection of oil on canvas works by both Diane Erasmus and Anton Benzon is currently on exhibition at ZULU LULU ART HOUSE, KZN Midlands.. contact us here to purchase their works..


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