Trayci Tompkins cushion art

Images of select Trayci Tompkins ceramic pots and platters have been immortalised in a range of statement cushions, bringing her distinctive artwork into your home.  They’re Art for your sofa!

Tompkins is well-known for her statement ceramic platters, pots and urns, which she slowly hand builds, paddles and pushes into shape.  Her recent works  feature Tretchikoff influences with strong African and Western portraits, juxtaposed with fabric design patterning carved into the white clay.

Trayci Tompkins cushion | 100% quality cotton | 36cm x 63cm | R600 cushion cover R100 feather/down filler.

For Tompkins, who studied Theatre Crafts, Costume design and Drama, painting is an art form she has only recently focused her time on.

“I’m loving the new challenge whilst evolving a style that is my own,” says Tompkins.

Dramatic Theatrical portraits rapidly emerge on the clay surface as Tompkins quickly breathes life into her works with a milky clay palette of colourful clay. It’s a technique she’s formulating to mimic the richness and depth of an oil painting.

“Sometimes I lose a bit of the detail in the firing when the stains burn away, but this randomness is what gives each piece their uniqueness. ”

Creating lasting works of art and carving a unique signature in the exciting world of ceramics is once again the voice of Tompkins.  The cushion Art now makes some of her works available to all in a different and exciting way.

Using only the finest 100% cotton and top quality printing, these first edition cushions and feather/down mix fillers are available now to view and purchase via our BUY page.

Look at the range in this short video below. To order – anywhere in the world, please view the range here or email us.

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