zulululuarthouse_gallery_aboutusZULU LULU Art House and gallery at Piggly Wiggly (near Howick) on the Midlands Meander specialises in showcasing work from leading South African ceramic makers,  together with quality fine art and sculpture from well known, top selling artists.  Managed by Stuart Tompkins and curated by artist Trayci Tompkins, this is an ever-changing space filled with a gorgeous selection of ceramics, fine art, sculpture and more. The popular collectable Dlamini figurines are showcased here alongside Trayci’s own works.

Ample parking | Restaurants | Shopping | Kids Activities     Open 7 days a week 9am – 5pm | 083 6273491 | info@zulululu.co.za

Trayci Tompkins pictured with a signature hand coiled pot“We take pride in curating work for sale that will enhance your environment and enrich your home. It it through your ongoing support that the Gallery will continue to flourish and provide a platform for artist’s to showcase their amazing talents.” Trayci Tompkins


Working without the help of a potters wheel, Trayci slowly hand builds her large pots into shape with coils of clay, then paddles, scrapes and buffs them into shape ready for their first firing. Collected by lovers of beautiful things, Trayci’s work graces the homes of special people all over the world.    read more..The Dlamini being removed from raku firing


The iconic Dlamini figurines, named after their maker, Tim Dlamini and immortalised by Trayci and Stuart Tompkins, have evolved over the decade that they have been in existence.  Individually handcrafted from a single lump of clay, these adorable figurines have found their way into homes and offices across the globe.     read more..

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Stuart and Trayci Tompkins - owners of Zulu lulu art houseIn 2003 creative couple Stuart and Trayci Tompkins trademarked their ZULU LULU brand and launched the iconic ruler high ceramic Dlamini figurine.  Over a decade later, and after having founded a successful ceramic production studio in the KZN Midlands, the couple have evolved their dynamic art business into an exciting Gallery space – promoting and selling over 50 of the best ceramic artists and fine artists, hand-picked from across South Africa.

Starting out in her newly established studio in the early 90’s, award winning ceramic artist Trayci Tompkins knew that her journey in the world would be a colourful and creative one… and so it is that the brand ZULU LULU celebrates her vision, with all the colourful, cultural diversity that South Africa has to offer.  Ensuring that their space is a reflection of that, Trayci journeys into the artists’ work-spaces, enabling her to tell their unique stories .. collect art work that she loves.. and showcase the remarkable talent that South Africa has to offer.

View of one of the ZULU LULU Art Bar tables at Piggly WigglyPAINT YOUR OWN CERAMICS

Inspired by the slow pace of the Midlands Meander, ZULU LULU ART HOUSE also offers a ‘paint your own ceramics Art Bar‘ for children and adults alike. Here you can select a blank pottery item off the shelf, grab a brush and paints and create your own masterpiece. Your finished item will be returned for collection or posted directly to your door, glazed and ready to use and enjoy.. Great place for birthday parties, hen’s parties, family fun .. read more..

Party bookings welcome | Open 7 days a week 9am to 5pm | 083 6273491

zulululuarthouse_showcase SHOWCASE

View up close, this month’s featured items for sale in our Gallery showcase window. And remember, if you’re not able to physically get to the ZULU LULU ART HOUSE, you can still purchase any work you see showcased on this website.


ZULU LULU ART HOUSE – South African Ceramics and Fine Art Gallery – Midlands Meander, SOUTH AFRICA
Shop 7  | Piggly Wiggly Country Village | R103 | Lidgetton | 3270


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