Oozing style, composition and colour, mixed with the warmth and tranquility of the South African landscape is something Art Collectors have come to expect from leading South African impressionist painter Anton Benzon’s work. In fact come to think of it, this lovable artist has the personality to match. As a son of well known artists Johan Aldert and Elize Laidler, Benzon was born to paint.  His commitment to his work is a passion that drives him to the easel daily and has inspired many artists to ‘step out of the door and paint what they see within their souls’.


Whether it be a large canvas seascape painting or intimate oil portrait, you will always feel a mood and almost touch the people whose lives are captured in paint. This ability to portray a moment in time and reflect gorgeous light off her subject is the skill of fine artist Coral Spencer.



We love how David captures the textures and colour of Africa.. His imagery capturing day to day scenes which  celebrate life around us. Working off an initial watercolour ‘sketch’ onto canvas, David layers Vibrant acrylic colour and  thin layers of Oil paints in between sealing his artworks.. This rather unique technique has become his trademark and renders his artwork waterproof, whilst preventing yellowing of the materials with age.


Well known and respected in South Africa for her Impressionistic expressionism style of painting, Erasmus skillfully fills her canvas with light and colour, to capture our South African landscape. Her Namibian floral scenes and seascape Oil on canvas paintings are a real joy to own.


Di paints landscapes using her own technique and interpretation. Her ‘Memory-scapes’ are given titles according to a time of the day, and capture  real and imaginary places in such a way as to invoke an almost nostalgic reaction in the viewer.



Creativity runs through the veins of artist/entrepreneur Ezequiel Mobote, who has built up a thriving art / print making business. His skill in wood cut is masterful, as is his combinations of colour and design that are very personal to the artist. Many of Ezequiel’s images are portrayed as memories from childhood stories and cherished memories of his grandparents tales… all of which make each piece even more meaningful.



Bold, confidant strokes of the brush and emotive portraits are powerful traits of dynamic artist Floris van Zyl. He constantly surprises us with his fresh oil on canvas | oil on board work | oil on plexiglass works, which admittedly doesn’t seem to last long on the gallery walls before finding a new home.



Internationally-recognised painter Frances Schandera-Duarte divides her time between two painting studios in Germany and South Africa, providing her with interesting and rewarding influence for her large canvas works. On closer inspection you will notice an interesting and intriguing surface texture..  which is down to her complex layering of oil paint, glued surgical gauze, mineral sands and various papers.



Fusing her emotional intent with visual and technical terms, is what motivates the work of Durban based artist and well known curator Grace Kotze. Using a palette of oil paints, Grace paints people and places from her everyday life, giving her work a sense of soul and profound connection.


Watercolourist Grant Wood captures our South African landscapes with subtle sweeps of the brush and skillful dabs of the thumb onto saturated quality paper. His paintings have atmosphere, tone and plenty of spirit and all are framed in contemporary white box frames.


Whether it be in her paintings, garden landscaping or indigenous nursery and interior design business, Hilary’s sensitivity and passion for nature and her environment is expressed with ease. This wholehearted approach to her painting captures the diverse rhythms, textures and colours of our beautiful country.



Each of Jan’s silkscreen prints and etchings are a unique artwork.  Inspired by her training in textile design, Jan hand colours and embellishes each piece with intricate embroidery and watercolour washes. Her works have excellent proportion and composition and joyfully celebrate familiar South African icons.


Jozi Reitz Zulu lulu Art House

Artist Jozi Reitz was the first artist to hang on the walls of our first Zulu lulu outlet… and we love how her work continues to evolve. Her colourful oil on canvas street scene paintings speak of everyday life in our province and carry with them a never ending story of hope and joy.


Attention to fine detail, colour, light and realism breathes life into the paintings of Kathy Jacob. Selecting somewhat familiar and interesting subjects to recreate with oil on canvas has become this artists’ signature .. Seagulls on rusty signs, bottles wrapped in brown paper and shimmering birds drinking from a tap all find new life here.


zulululu arthouse lieze meyer

Using a limited palette of oil paint, and often climbing up ladders to create her large scale paintings, artist Lieze Meyer slowly builds up texture and light to create her signature oil on canvas paintings. It’s the emotion in the eye, the fine lines of the hair and the artistic composition that weave together to make each painting so special.


The Mpenja Collection of mixed media canvas originals are created by the combined talent of internationally known artists Frances Schandera and Everett Duarte. This gorgeous and talented couple divide their time between studios in Germany and the KZN South coast. Each painting tells a story of its own, and capture the essence and beauty of Africa.


You can see the joy of the painting process in all of Pascale Chandler’s large layered oil on canvas works.  We love how she reflects the soulful textures of her leafy urban studio location too, with multiple layering of paint on stencil and stencil on paint.


Siya’s honest work reflects very much his humorous and colourful approach to the daily life that surrounds him, using a style that has become his signature. His stories of culture, tradition and daily routine combine to delight and educate… so sort after is his work, that many pieces are now regularly commissioned through Zulu-lulu Art House Gallery.


KZN artists Tony de Freitas has two passions, art and music… with jazz music having a great influence on his work.  De Freitas has developed a loose and spontaneous style with his acrylic impressionistic paintings.. making full use of palette knife layering and random brush strokes.  He paints predominantly landscapes, often incorporating architectural elements that are familiar to our South African landscape.


Artist W P Van Heerden captures moments in time of our daily lives in South Africa with his ‘Shattered view’ oil on canvas stories.. Often a deeper meaning lays beneath the layering of contrasts and humorous depictions.. Fresh from his first solo exhibition, WP’s work will bring a real talking point to your home.

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