“Detailed, sensitive and totally absorbing…” best describes the framed etchings of this talented artist, who finds inspiration in the architecture and landscape of the Karoo, whilst celebrating the beauty in the world that surrounds her.  After years of working in various printed art mediums, Diane has now focused her attention on the age old craft of copper plate etching in acid to produce these incredibly detailed works of art.


Gregg’s playful simple drawing style is richly textured with sculptural expression that hints of childhood influences from Tin Tin, Asterix comics and Dr Seuss books. His time spent in the desert areas of New Mexico combine with the mythical influences of South Africa’s Owl House and desert landscapes of The Karoo. We love how his drawings give rise to his large scale metal sculptural works and how they in turn orginate fresh new ideas. All Gregg’s limited prints are beautifully mounted in contemporary  box frames.


Stephen Pryke _ zulu lulu art house

We stock a full range of photo prints from photographer Stephen Pryke who captures the Midlands scenes that surround him. In addition, his black and white print on canvas images are all about mood and light – and available in various sizes on order through the Zulu-lulu Art House Gallery.


warwick locke _ zulu lulu art house

Warwick’s photography is a reflection of what captures his heart. A man with his feet in the soil of Africa, celebrating Africa through the frame of his camera lens… Quality print on canvas or photo prints available.



Wildlife photographer Zena Fogg captures her passion for landscape and wildlife in her large format print on canvas images.

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